Efficient resource management provides greater visibility, avoids unforeseen hiccups, prevents miscommunication, measures, and maximizes resource efficiency to accomplish projects at right time and within budget.

However, many businesses fall short of achieving these results because of sub-par tools and methods for managing their resources – human and/or non-human. Tools and methods that are unable to scale and support businesses when faced with a continuous onslaught of challenges and events, like Covid-19 pandemic did, limiting them from the making the most of their resources.

Today, we will help you understand the common resource management challenges faced by most businesses; address the reasons businesses have not been able to solve the puzzle and conclude with introducing you to a simple solution that can help solve your resource management problems.


Let’s understand what constitutes resource management

Resources can be people, equipment, devices, fleet, material, supplies, facilities, funding or even time. A resource is anything that is required to complete a specific task or project within a stipulated time.

The end-to-end process of planning, scheduling, allocating and deploying resources with maximum efficiency for successful completion of a task or project is called resource management.

A great resource management tool provides comprehensive resource visibility, ease of managing the end-to-end processes, ability to effectively handle unforeseen hiccups, facilitated smoother communications between departments and teams, enables measurement and optimization of resource utilization.

Exploring the 5 most common resource management challenges that businesses face today

  • Lack of adequate capabilities to identify and allocate the right resource with right skills at the right time for the right job.
  • Lack of systems that can accurately track & analyse resource utilization and allocation in real-time.
  • Constant communication issues and misalignment between the teams creating roadblocks and inefficiencies in the process
  • Dependency on outdated, stand-alone systems that do not integrate to adequately support resource management goals.
  • Lack of integrated real-time business intelligence to efficiently deal with volatile resource supply and demand.

So, what is holding back businesses from solving the above resource management challenges?

A common theme that emerges across all these challenges is the lack of a powerful resource management tool that is efficient, seamlessly integrates and provides business intelligence.

Most small and medium businesses still rely on spreadsheets and macros, which can cater to immediate and short-term business requirements but are notoriously difficult to scale or maintain and are highly prone to human errors, version management issues, and heaps of emails and inconsistent versions floating between teams and departments.

To level up, few businesses resort to in-house resource management solutions. While they can be helpful to resolve day-to-day problems, more often than not these in-house solutions are often plagued by scalability and performance problems, resulting in efficiency issues and adding redundant activities to the process for maintaining up-to-date data in the system. Talk about collating resource and task related data from different teams and department, provided in different formats and systems and uploading them to your resource management solution, so you can hopefully have right and recent data to plan for next course of action.

There is another significant set of businesses that still make do with legacy resource scheduling tools. Forget the value these tools bring; often, they become an unwanted burden for the IT teams with lack of useful functionality, usability, and inability to cater to modern demands, add to that high maintenance costs.

Further complexities due to the work-from-anywhere paradigm

The above limitations and the resulting challenges of resource management are faced by businesses in a conventional work from office setting. One can only imagine the impending storm the work-from-anywhere policies will create for businesses that are not adequately equipped with the right resource management tools.

With the rapid adoption of work-from-anywhere or remote working policies all over the world, resource management is all set to play a critical role in helping businesses achieve their goals.

What makes an ideal resources management solution to resolve all these challenges including the work-from-anywhere policy

In simplest of terms, an ideal resource management tool for remote working for work-from-anywhere policies must

  • Automatically identify and allocate work to the right resource at the right time based on their skills and availability, irrespective of work locations and time zones.
  • Automate the essential tasks of creating availabilities, provide resource suggestions and proactive updates on tasks.
  • Track and analyse all the essential metrics with respect to resource allocation and utilization and generate reports to meet business specific requirements.
  • And most importantly, seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and help you perform all the operations right from your mobile and any device to have consolidated view of resources

The Silver Bullet to solve all your Resource Management problems – Resource Optimizer

Built on the Salesforce platform, our Resource Optimizer equips Resource Managers with all the power they need to efficiently plan, schedule, and allocate right resources at the right time for maximum efficiency particularly in a work-from-anywhere setting. With our native Salesforce application, you can

  • Allocate work to any resource anywhere based on skill and availability
  • Book appointments in any time zone
  • Get resource suggestions & manage resource reservations (leave and unavailability)
  • Get a complete view of work-related data and resource availabilities
  • Track resource utilization and data captured
  • Leverage Salesforce Chatter for efficient collaboration

And that is not all, you can do more and even better with our customized upgrades. You can find more information about our Resource Optimizer here: https://resourceoptimizerapp.com


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