Booking and managing appointments is one of the common problems faced while scheduling in 2021. With service representatives, SMEs and customers scattered over different time zones, it is extremely important to have the right remote working tools at hand that enable seamless scheduling of appointments.

Challenges with Scheduling & Managing Appointments

Efficiently scheduling appointments has always been an Achilles heel of many small and medium businesses. Managing appointments, dealing with rescheduling or cancellations may eat away time of the resources which can be directed towards more productive tasks.

While remote working and work-from-anywhere policies have their own benefits they also create new challenges especially when it comes to booking and managing appointments. Granted managing appointments has always been a chore without an appointment booking tool, Remote working may have brought the time zone difference into the mix.

Managing appointments when your customers, SMEs, and service representatives are in different time zones need not be a hassle. Especially when you have powerful and handy workforce management and scheduling tools like Resource Optimizer.

Schedule and Manage your Appointments Seamlessly with Resource Optimizer

Salesforce native workforce management tool, Resource Optimizer is built with the singular aim of helping SMBs and enterprises manage their flexible workforce productively and efficiently. We have made sure that each task of your workflow is seamlessly accomplished in a user-friendly way to cater to your specific requirements.

Here’s how booking and managing appointments are made easy and effortless by our Resource Optimizer

Manage Appointments in Any Timer Zone

Service Representatives no longer have to rely on the world clock and risk confusion while booking the appointments. Our Resource Optimizer’s Appointment Console simplifies this process by enabling them to book appointments effortlessly in any time zone.

So even if your customers SMEs, services representatives are in different time zones, booking and managing appointments is simple and straightforward with our Resource Optimizer.

Mobile-first Strategy & Custom-built Mobile Calendar

As a Salesforce workforce management tool, our Resource Optimizer enables your resources to perform all the operations within the Salesforce mobile application. Including a custom-built mobile calendar that displays all the data in a single interface, Resource Optimizer provides all the necessary functionalities out of the box to help you completely embrace and leverage remote working.

A Complete Mobile Workforce Solution that Simplifies Appointment Management

Customization, flexibility and calendar integration are hallmark features of an ideal appointment booking tool; but Resource Optimizer is much more than an appointment booking tool. As a powerful mobile workforce management solution Resource Optimizer simplifies every aspect of workforce management including booking and management of appointments.

Our Resource Optimizer simplifies and intelligently automates resource allocation, manages resource reservations, gives resource suggestions, provides a 360-degree view of work-related data and resource availabilities, aids in team communication while helping you book and manage appointments effortlessly.

Whether you are small, medium or large enterprise that is looking for a powerful mobile workforce management solution to efficiently manage your appointments, then Resource Optimizer will your best choice.

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