Remote working and work-from-anywhere are the future of work. Embracing work-from-anywhere helps businesses expand their talent pool and gives opportunity to improve productivity and drive operational efficiency.

However, the keyword here is ‘opportunity’. Because hiring remote teams or embracing work-from-anywhere may not guarantee improved productivity unless the challenges that accompany these models are successfully conquered. One of the biggest and most common challenges faced by global or multinational teams is the time-zone issue.

If you are a business with a diverse set of professionals working across different time zones and are facing similar time zone related issues, then this blog is for you.

We begin with exploring the benefits of having distributed teams deployed across multiple time zones, and then delve into its impacts and challenges for businesses.  And finally, we will help you understand how Resource Optimizer can help businesses overcome these challenges by managing and deploying remote teams effectively across various time zones.


  • Benefits of Multinational and Globally Distributed Teams
  • Challenges Faced by Remote Teams Working Across Multiple Time Zones
  • Adoption of the Right Workforce Management Solution is the Key
  • Overcome Time-zone Challenges with Resource Optimizer

Benefits of Multinational and Globally Distributed Teams

The ability to deliver a 24/7 customer service, or a follow-the-sun support service, or managing 24-hour development cycles, with a diverse set of professionals clocking in from different parts of the world opens up tremendous possibilities for any business. Some of the significant benefits of working across different time zones are:

  • Access to a plethora of resources working online to get the job done.
  • Ability to provide extended time-zone coverage and the ease of keeping the wheels turning 24/7 as projects fluidly progress when resources are scheduled correctly.
  • Flexibility to hire the best professionals for the job irrespective of their location, widening the talent pool and becoming cost-effective.
  • Enhanced diversity among the workforce improving diversity of ideas and thought, thus fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities of the team.

Any business entity looking to leverage the above benefits must first overcome the time zone challenges thrown by the work-from-anywhere model.

Challenges Faced by Remote Teams Working Across Multiple Time Zones

While remote working across multiple time zones is flexible for employees, managers will have to go the extra mile to ensure the productivity and efficiency of their team members.

Some of the common challenges associated with distributed teams across multiple time zones include:

  • Resource Allocation: Without the right tools, resource allocation across different time zones and geographies can become time-consuming, humongous for resource managers, especially with limited resources.
  • Scheduling Issues: With overlapping tasks and increased time zones differences; scheduling meetings and bringing team members to align their schedules can become a complex and tough task in remote working model.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Though timely collaboration and communication has always been a challenge in cross functional teams; the time zone difference and remote working model further widens the gap with asynchronous messaging. Live collaboration, quick resolution, problem-solving and brainstorming are crucial for project success; and may not be possible without the right communication tools.

Adoption of the Right Workforce Management Solution is the Key

A resource is the most valuable and expensive asset for any business. Allocating the right resource at the right time to the right project or task effectively is even more important when the team is spread across multiple time zones and geographical locations.

In addition to efficient resource allocation, scheduling the meetings to bring the team on the same page, fostering collaboration and communication among the team members is essential for businesses looking to embrace remote working models.

To overcome the above challenges businesses must be equipped with comprehensive workforce management solutions. A solution, with a comprehensive resource allocation framework, automated scheduling and communication capabilities that can drive operational efficiencies in remote working teams.

In short, your business needs Resource Optimizer.

Overcome Time-zone Challenges with Resource Optimizer

Purposefully built for businesses operating in the work-from-anywhere world, Resource Optimizer empowers your resource managers to extract maximum value from their distributed, remote working teams with minimal effort.

  • A Salesforce native application, Resource Optimizer allows you to dispatch from any record and assign it to available skilful resources at the right time irrespective of time zone.
  • Without the added confusion of the world clock, it enables your representatives to book appointments in any time zone.
  • Auto-creates availabilities, provides resource suggestions, and proactive notifications.
  • Gives you a complete 360 view of work-related data and resource availabilities.
  • Provides resource analytics with custom reports and enables better resource planning decisions.
  • Helps in team collaboration and communication, through Salesforce Chatter and ability to integrate with other collaboration tools.

Integrating with your existing ecosystem, Resource Optimizer helps you overcome the time-zone challenges in remote working model so that you can accrue all the benefits of work-from-anywhere policies.

You can find complete information about the features and additional offerings here:


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