Work-from-anywhere liberates employees from the rigidity of stifled workspace and helps them focus on the job at hand with minimal stress and distractions. Organizations that embrace remote working or work-from-anywhere also benefit from access to wider talent pool, improved performance, and productivity.

However, the freedom and autonomy of remote working brings with it a variety of challenges and hurdles that hinder the productivity boost offered by work-from-anywhere policies.

Remote working or work-from-anywhere can be a magic wand for improved organizational productivity and flexibility if an organization equips itself with a powerful mobile workforce management solution.

Mobile Workforce Management – A Key to Organizational Efficiency Post-Pandemic

While remote working and work-from-anywhere is the future of work in the post-pandemic world, not many businesses are equipped with efficient mobile workforce management solutions and tools. One reason we often notice is that the majority are not aware of what constitutes mobile workforce management, its importance, and the challenges it can throw at enterprises that adopt remote working or work-from-anywhere models.

So, in this blog, we decided to cover all the basics of mobile workforce management. By the end of this blog, you will not only understand the challenges of the mobile workforce but also know about the simplest Salesforce mobile workforce management solution that can solve these problems and help manage your mobile workforce efficiently.


  • What is Mobile Workforce?
  • What is Mobile Workforce Management?
  • COVID-19 & the need for Mobile Workforce Management Solutions.
  • Challenges of managing mobile workforce
  • How can Resource Optimizer improve Mobile Workforce Management?

What is Mobile Workforce?

Distributed employees connected to the enterprise and each other via technology are collectively called the mobile workforce. Not being bound to a single central location can arise either from necessity or convenience. Based on this primary difference, the mobile workforce falls into two categories – field service workers & remote workers.

What Is Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)?

Mobile Workforce Management refers to the practice of efficiently managing a distributed team of mobile employees to achieve better team performance and productivity. It is an end-to-end approach that is today accomplished by mobile workforce management solutions that track, coordinate, schedule, monitor, and analyze the performance of mobile teams working outside the company premises.

Mobile workforce management helps employees perform their roles effectively and empowers resource managers or service leaders to make data-driven decisions to further optimize the workflow for a better customer experience.

Benefits of Mobile workforce

The goal of every organization of any size small/medium/large is to match if not improve the performance of the mobile workforce as compared to the on-site workforce. And why not? The mobile workforce is more beneficial to both employees and enterprise in the following ways:

  1. Expanded talent pool for the enterprise
  2. Better customer services (time-zone advantage)
  3. Improved employee experience
  4. Freedom and flexibility for employees
  5. Decreased operational costs for the enterprise.

Owing to the above benefits, the mobile workforce that was already on its ascent pre-pandemic has accelerated and transformed the scale and scope of remote working since COVID-19.

COVID-19 & the need for Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

The pandemic has not only transformed how businesses function but also triggered a paradigm shift in how people will work in the years to come. During the pandemic, the entire workforce became a mobile workforce and remote working became a norm; and it is here to stay in one form or another.

Today, the mobile workforce, which constitutes remote working, work-from-anywhere, flexible and hybrid working, accounts for more than 80% of the entire global workforce. It is a challenge to leverage the benefits of a mobile workforce without the right solutions that help to overcome its challenges.

Challenges of Managing Mobile Workforce

According to extensive research conducted from surveying thousands of remote workers, the top three pain points of remote working happen to be inadequate scheduling, communication, and coordination among the employees, summarised below:

  • 52% of the workers considered communication among the teams as the biggest challenge followed by coordination (32%)
  • 26% of the employees spend between 5 to 10 hours/week in making or refining their work schedules
  • 51% of the employees spend more than 5 hours a week just coordinating with their fellow employees

Contrary to popular belief remote working when not efficiently managed is nowhere close to on-site working models when it comes to boosted productivity and performance. Organizations that let their workforce spend their productive time on tasks like scheduling or other mundane tasks that can be easily automated will cop hits in their productivity and overall performance.

If you are a company looking to build a sustainable and high-performance mobile workforce, then the first step you can take in this direction is to equip your resource managers with an efficient mobile workforce solution like Resource Optimizer.

How can Resource Optimizer help improve your Mobile Workforce Management?

Salesforce mobile workforce solution, Resource Optimizer streamlines the workflow by solving all the common pain points of managing the mobile workforce in the work-from-anywhere world.

  • Scheduling and allocation made easy: With our mobile workforce management solution resource managers can easily generate work records and automate allocation to any resource based on skills and availability.
  • Intelligent Automation: Auto-create availabilities, automate work allocation, meet work demands, get resource suggestions, and generate proactive notifications to further simplify the workforce management.
  • Bypass time zone complexities: Dispatch any record, assign resources, and manage appointments in any time zone. Your global mobile workforce management is simplified with our hassle-free Resource optimizer.
  • Optimized Resource Utilization with Analytics: Track, monitor, analyze and fine-tune your resource utilization with our custom analytics and reports.

As a Salesforce native application with a mobile-first strategy, Resource Optimizer solves all the problems encountered by small, medium and large enterprises in managing a distributed, global mobile workforce. If you are looking for a Salesforce mobile workforce management solution that can improve your organizational efficiency and productivity, Resource Optimizer can be a perfect fit.

Know how our Salesforce mobile workforce management solution can unleash the workforce potential of small, medium and large enterprises here:


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