Post-pandemic, remote working, flexi-work and work-from-anywhere policies are set to dominate the business world. Success for any business post-pandemic will be all about bringing the right people on board and managing them efficiently.

While remote -working or work-fromanywhere policies can help you access better talent, it now boils down to having a future-ready Workforce Management system in place to help improve employee productivity and engagement.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, if you are unaware of Workforce Management and its tools then you are missing out on a major opportunity to grow your business.

Today, in this article we will provide all the essential information you need about Workforce Management, its impact on the business world and its benefits.

Breaking down an end-to-end business process into sequential tasks and activities, allocating to the respective department users and managing its progress through tracking and reporting, can enable businesses to optimize these processes at individual task level thus improving overall service SLAs and operational KPIs.


What is Workforce Management (WFM)?

Workforce Management in Action

Workforce Management in Pre-COVID World

The Era of Flexible Workforce Management

Manage your Flexible Workforce on Salesforce with Resource Optimizer

What is Workforce Management (WFM?)

Workforce Management is a strategic framework that helps maximize employee productivity to run a business efficiently.

WFM, as a concept comes in different sizes and shapes. Whether it’s your call centre Workforce Management, or your field service management or your back-office Workforce Management, at its core, WFM is a set of tools or processes that are selected and implemented to streamline, standardize, track, and optimize the productivity of the team.

An ideal WFM framework ensures the right resources are available at the right time at the right place to get the task/project done efficiently for the overall success of the business.

Workforce Management in Action

Resource requirements for a field service management firm may vary depending on the day and time. Utilizing Workforce Management in the firm can implement a standard process that can:

  • Forecast the resource requirements
  • Schedule the right resources based on requirements.
  • Identify and allocate the right resources in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure that the resources scheduled have the right skills for providing the right services.
  • Analyze the resource allocation, efficiency to further tweak and improve efficiency.

Even better, a Workforce Management solution can help this firm perform all the above tasks in alignment with its efficiency and ROI goals.

Field service management firms and contact centres were the first businesses to adopt and successfully leverage Workforce Management to record excellent results before the entire business world adopted it.

Workforce Management in Pre-COVID World

As a framework with a set of processes and tools, WFM can be applied to different realms of business across all industries. Its specific tools and processes can optimize the entire work process by creating streamlined employee schedules and time frames for maximum productivity.

According to businesses that adopted Workforce Management software recorded significant improvements in as many as 13 different areas. Administrative efficiency, reduction in costs, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction are the areas that massively benefitted from the Workforce Management tools and applications.

Given the tremendous number of benefits Workforce Management software provides to a business, it is no wonder almost every business made use of Workforce Management to reap improve their employee productivity and engagement while reducing costs and improving ROI. By 2019 itself almost 91% of the large-sized businesses adopted time and attendance based Workforce Management applications, according to this study by Statista.

Post-2020: The Era of Flexible Workforce Management (FWFM)

Fast forward today, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way businesses function. Remote working has become a norm and the pandemic served as a trigger point for the wide adoption of work-from-anywhere policies around the globe. Large and medium businesses across compatible industries are quick to adopt work-from-anywhere policies.

Challenges of Remote Working

While remote working and work-from-anywhere policies present innumerable benefits, they come with their challenges too. With employees working from remote locations, all the productivity, collaboration, engagement, and efficiency problems only amplify.

For example, the Time Zone, which was earlier a parameter of location is now a parameter of every employee, adding an additional layer of complexity to seamlessly manage resources in different time zones unless equipped with an efficient Workforce Management tool.

And then comes the analytics, the said tool must also be equipped with custom analytics and report generation to tweak and fine-tune the scheduling and allocation process to achieve the business goals.

Features of an Ideal Workforce Management Tool

In the post-pandemic, work-from-anywhere world, an efficient Workforce Management tool must help you automate the allocation process, manage appointments, and deploy resources across different time zones seamlessly. An ideal Workforce Management tool should also provide analytics, must be a mobile application that integrates with your existing framework.

If you are one such business looking for a workforce management tool that helps you provide a flexible work environment to your employees for better operational efficiency, then Resource Optimizer can help.

Manage your Flexible Workforce on Salesforce with Resource Optimizer

Resource Optimizer, a Salesforce native application, is the simplest and most effective Workforce Management tool that can help you improve the productivity of your most valuable and expensive asset – your resource, wherever they are.

  • Resource Optimizer helps you to remotely generate and allocate the work to any available resource in any time zone, based on their availability and skill.
  • Even better it can auto-create availabilities for you and provide you with resource suggestions based on the skill or availability.
  • With custom analytics and report generation, Resource Optimizer helps you fine-tune your process and improve your decision making.

With a simple and intuitive user interface, Resource Optimizer offers all the essential features out of the box to let your resources perform all operations right from the Salesforce mobile application. Being a Salesforce native, it is available alongside your customer 360 data empowering you to provide a better customer experience.

If you are a business looking to extract maximum value out of your resources, improve your efficiency or offer a better customer experience, it is very important that you implement the right Workforce Management tool. If you are using Salesforce and looking for the best Workforce Management tool that can help you level up employee productivity and performance, look no further – Resource Optimizer is the right choice.

Check out our features and offering here, you will agree too!



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