Let us face it – no one guessed that the world will continue adopting remote working models post-pandemic. But here we are – slowly inching towards the work-from-anywhere world.

“According to HubStaff, 58.25% of businesses aim to adopt hybrid working models and 26.25% will continue to stay completely remote for the foreseeable future.”

Now that enterprises have greater access to talent with work-from-anywhere models and the next challenge is to build sustainable resource management solutions that can extract the best out of the resources at hand.

And for this to happen, enterprises must look beyond traditional tools and solutions and adopt the right remote working solutions that can drive operational efficiencies.

Work-from-Anywhere World Needs Comprehensive Remote Working Solutions

Take resource management for example. Traditional resource management applications do not cater to multiple resource allocations in different time zones without resource managers spending loads of time and effort.

The majority of the traditional resource management solutions are limited by the inability to use real-time data and analytics when it comes to resource allocation, utilization, forecasting and planning.

Efficient resource management in this work-from-anywhere world needs comprehensive resource management solutions that can drive operational efficiencies at an affordable cost, like Resource Optimizer.

Resource Optimizer- Resource Management Solution for Work-from-Anywhere World

A Salesforce native application, Resource Optimizer is a perfect resource management solution for any SMB or an enterprise looking to improve resource utilization and management.

And how exactly does Resource Optimizer help enterprises level up their resource management?

Here’s all the essential information on our Resource Optimizer for you to find out. Read on:

What is Resource Optimizer?

Resource Optimizer is a robust resource management solution that simplifies work allocation and resource management with powerful automation and analytics right within Salesforce.

Re-designing the traditional approach to resource management and work allocation our Salesforce native application delivers outstanding process and operational efficiencies.

How Resource Optimizer can help resource managers?

  • With a single interface dispatch console, Resource Optimizer simplifies work allocation and resource management for the resource manager.
  • Work can be effortlessly assigned and appointments can be booked to available resources based on availability and skill in any time zone – no more time zone ambiguity.
  • Resource Optimizer automates resource allocations to provide suggestions in order to further simplify resource allocation and planning for resource managers.
  • Resource analytics and reporting features of Resource Optimizer enables resource manager to analyse and optimize resource utilization.
  • Resource optimizer’s mobile-first strategy lets users perform all operations from the Salesforce mobile application. Users view work allocations, create and reschedule reservations, capture signatures, upload files and perform all the operations to work from anywhere.

What are the features of Resource Optimizer?

Appointment Console: Appointments console helps your contact centre agents and service representatives capture appointment requests from customers in any time zone. It provides a powerful interface that captures appointments requests from customers, checks the resource availability and allocates the appointment in the respective time zone of the customer.

Dispatch Console:  Pulling all the master data and resource-related data onto a single interface, Resource Optimizer’s Dispatch Console provides a centralized view. With a drag and drop interface, you can simply work allocations based on skill and availability.

RO Suggestion Console: Resource Optimizer’s Suggestion console, picks up the work orders or work requests and automatically suggest the available resources for the specific time slot based on skills required for the work. The suggestion console can also be customized with filters based on the nature of the task and skills needed to accomplish the task.

Resource Analytics: Resource Optimizer calculates the utilization of resources across multiple parameters in a set frequency (monthly weekly, daily) to help managers plan and forecast their requirements.

Comprehensive Salesforce Mobile Application: Resource Optimizer lets the user access all the relevant data and performs operations right from the Salesforce mobile application.

  • With a custom built-in app calendar, users can view all the assigned work, create absences/reservations, or reschedule the work right from the Salesforce mobile application.
  • Users (resources) can upload files, capture signatures, images and navigate using Google maps or Apple maps right from the Salesforce mobile application.

Similar experience and functionality can also be availed through the mobile browser in case of emergency.

How secure is Resource Optimizer?

Built with a water-tight security model, Resource Optimizer can be completely customized according to your organization’s security compliance needs. It provides a custom security model when it comes to enabling restrictions for users.  Also a Salesforce native Resource management applicationResource Optimizer meets the highest-level security standards set by Salesforce for their application

Remote working today has become a norm and has conveniently triggered a new evolution in work culture. This is precisely the time for enterprises to revamp their workforce managementresource management and task management framework to enable a high-performance remote working environment and culture.

As a resource management solution that specializes in scheduling and resource optimization, Resource Optimizer will help all types of small, medium and large enterprises enterprises accomplish this with perfection.

Want to try out and check out for yourself?  You can download a free trial here or can schedule a demo here: https://resourceoptimizerapp.com


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