Resource OptimizerTM

Empower your resource managers within Salesforce. Resource Optimizer lets you

Allocate – Generate work and allocate work to any resource based on skills and availability

Automate – Auto-create availabilities, get resource suggestions, and receive pro-active notifications.

Analyze – Analyze your resource utilization and allocation efficiency.


Schedule & Dispatch

Let your dispatchers allocate any work originated from any Salesforce entity to your resources in any timezone. Whether it is allocating your work orders activities to your field employees or purchase orders to your back office employees, or allocating a lead activity to your expert teams, do it easily with highly customizable Resource Optimizer’s dispatch console.

Empower your resource managers to operate and manage resources in any timezone.

Flexible Appointments

Whether it’s a customer request for a fixed 15min, 30min, 45min or a custom time of 22/52min, capture with ease on Resource Optimizer’s Appointment console. With intelligent cache techniques, Resource Optimizer avoids double booking and facilitates resource to block time before and after an appointment.



Resource Optimizer’s custom dashboards and reports provides detail insights into your operations and lets you make smarter decisions for your workforce planning. Resource Optimizer auto calculates your resource utilization in multiple frequencies and provides a downloadable dashboard view of your overall organization resource utilization. Out of the box reports gives you an overview of how your resources are categorized and how your work is being allocated and distributed.


Intelligent Automation

Resource Optimizer’s intelligent engine provides resource suggestions for your work, automates the work allocation and provides resources for your work demand. Whether you’re an SMB or an enterprise, Resource Optimizer’s engine will help in managing your work with ease and simple 

Mobile First

Get ready for the fourth industrial revolution by truly going mobile. Empower your resources to captures signatures, upload files, and captures absences all within Salesforce mobile. Custom calendars and push notifications enable your resources to deliver work in time. Let your resources navigate to their destinations with Google/Apple maps.


Time Tracking

Manage Shifts and time sheets with Resource Optimizer’s time tracking. Easily configure business rules, captures resource preferences and integrate with HR systems to capture the resource availability.


Salesforce Native Application

Resource Optimizer is built on the Salesforce platform leveraging the best of lightning platform capabilities. Being Salesforce native means all your data resides in your Salesforce instance and is secured by Salesforce enterprise-grade security. Integrating with Resource Optimizer is as simple as integrating with your Salesforce standard and custom objects.


Simple Pricing

RO Scheduler

AU$ 75 40

  • Allocate work to any resource anywhere based on skill and availability
  • Book appointments in any timezone
  • Manage resource reservations (leave and unavailability)
  • Get resource suggestions
  • Get a complete view of work-related data and resource availabilities
  • Track resource utilization and data captured
  • Leverage Salesforce Chatter to collaborate
  • Get 5 RO Service Rep licenses free for every scheduler license purchased. Additional licenses can be purchased
RO Resource

AU$ 55 25

  • Manage allocations on Salesforce mobile app
  • Self-accept backlog allocations
  • Recieve allocation assignment notification and proactive alerts
  • Synchronize your allocations with calendars
  • Submit leave and unavailability
  • Navigate to locations with seamless integration with Google/Apple Maps
  • Click photos, attach files and capture signatures
RO Contactor

AU$ 25 10

  • Everything RO Resource can do
  • Works with Salesforce partner and employee communities

Have a question?

Is there a minimum license requirement?

Yes, you have to purchase a minimum of 2 RO Scheduler Licenses and 5 RO Resource licenses.


How many Admin licenses do I get for every purchase?

you’ll receive 2 RO Admin licenses for free. Additional licenses can be purchased.

How many free RO Service Rep licenses do I get for each RO Scheduler license purchased?

Five, Our team would allocate these licenses to your account post your purchase.

Do I need to have a Salesforce license for every user that I want to assign RO license?

Yes, Users need to have a salesforce license assigned before you assign RO License.

Do you accept monthly billing?

No, we don’t accept monthly billing.

Do you provide Support?

Yes. A standard support plan is included along with every purchase. Contact Us for more details.

Do you provide discounts for non-profits?

Yes, 20% Discount is provided for non-profit organizations. Please contact us to get your unique coupon code.


Can I buy more licenses during the billing period ?

Yes, you can purchase more licenses during the billing period. A prorated value of the licenses cost will be charged for the remaining of your billing period.

Can we get more licenses during trial period? Can we extend trial period?

Yes, Contact us for an extension or more trial licenses. The Trial version includes 20 licenses (5 Admins, 5 Schedulers, 5 Resources, 5 Service Reps)

Documents to help you get started

RO Data Sheet

Resource Optimizer Datasheet is intended to give you a high-level overview of the capabilities of the application.

RO User Guide

Resource Optimizer User guide is intended for both technical and business audiences to help understand how to use the application post installation.

RO Setup & Admin Guide

Resource Optimizer Setup and Admin guide is intended for Salesforce admins and developers to help install and configure the application.